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Future Champions
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NHSCA Future Champions Youth Wrestling Program

Target Age Group: Kindergarten - 3rd grade

The theme of this program is to make sure that all wrestlers learn wrestling skills and techniques and have a very positive experience.  The success of this program will be determined by the number of wrestlers that start the program and the number of wrestlers that you end up with in week 12.  Having fun and learning wrestling skills and techniques are the goals of this program. 

The philosophy of the NHSCA Future Champions Club Program is to introduce the sport of wrestling to our young athletes in a friendly environment and to insure that each participant has a positive experience and returns to the program each year.  The goal is to build a solid foundation of skills and techniques and to properly prepare these young warriors for battle when they enter the competition phase of the program in fourth grade.


The NHSCA Future Champions Program follows these guidelines:

  • This is a 12 week program conducted January thru March.
  • There is one 1 ½ hour practice per week, after 45 minutes there is a 5 minute lollipop break.
  • Relay races will be conducted the last 5 minutes of practice.
  • 3 skills will be taught each year - Coaches must follow the curriculum.
  • There is a skills and techniques test on the 12th week.
  • There will be NO live wrestling until the 9th week of the program. 
    • On the 9th week, there will be some inter-squad scrimmage allowed. 
      • However, no score is kept and the coaches should use this as an opportunity to teach the group in correcting common mistakes.


Skills Assessment:

The culmination for the 12 week program is a skills assessment test.  The test will be administered by the coaches for the program.  Every year, the expectation will be that the kids in your Future Champions program can master 1 move in each position on the mat (1 move from the neutral position, 1 move from the bottom position and 1 move from the top position).  After 4 years, your graduating 3rd graders will have mastered 12 wrestling moves prior to entering into your more competitive elementary schedule.  The mastery of the move is dependent on your staff’s evaluation on “demonstration day.”  Your choice of technique will differentiate your school’s Future Champions participants vs. your neighboring town’s program. 

After passing the skills test on demonstration day, your wrestlers will earn a different color wristband.  Once you’ve earned your “black band,” they will be “ready for the big show.”

·         Year 1: White wrist band

·         Year 2: Yellow wrist band

·         Year 3: Brown wrist band

·         Year 4: Black wrist band



  • All registration will be hosted from the NHSCA Future Champions landing page
  • Registration Fee will be for each wrestler is $125 for the 12 week program  
    • 18 hours of wrestling instruction
  • $100 / registration will be sent to the Program Director.


What each Future Champions program will receive:

  • Unlimited liability insurance coverage will be provided for the entire 12 week program.
  • Four coaches will receive a coach membership to the NHSCA.
  • Coach membership will include an online coach certification program as well coach’s insurance for the entire year.
  • The venue will also be named in your liability insurance coverage binder.
  • Wrist bands will also be provided for each individual registered for your Future Champions program.

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